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SAS is a school that values academic excellence and whose staff and students model grace-oriented behaviors within the school community and in interactions with others outside that community.


Our mission is to provide a relevant Christ-centered education that fosters an environment of Spiritual Growth, Academic Excellence and Personal Accountability.


Educational Level of Administrators & Teachers

Baccalaureate Degrees ...........50%

Advanced Degrees .................50%

Teaching Experience

4 - 10 years                           50%

11 - 20 years                         25%

21 + years                             25%

Faculty Objectives


  • The faculty of Sligo Adventist School is committed to:
    • Emphasizing the significance of the Bible as the primary source of guidance in one's life.
    • Fostering an atmosphere of excellence where students can develop their intellectual, creative, physical, social, and spiritual capacities.
    • Providing experiences that develop competence in the tool subjects - reading, writing, computing, and communicating.
    • Helping students view their talents and abilities as gifts from God and encouraging them to use their talents to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind while encouraging growth of individual personalities and achievement.
    • Sharing the blessing and assurance of their own personal relationships with God.
    • Guiding students to an understanding and acceptance of God's grace and of His unconditional love.
    • Creating learning experiences that teach students the joy of knowing God more fully through Christian service and witness.
    • Helping students to appreciate the joy and sacredness of the Sabbath.
    • Developing the hope of the second coming of Christ and eternal life with Him.
    • Helping students to understand the majesty of God and the importance of reverence in worship.
    • Placing a high regard on the worth and value of each individual as shown by Christian courtesy and social development, with an emphasis on self-discipline and respect for authority.
    • Encouraging standards of thoroughness and excellence while awakening in students a realization of the dignity of labor and a sense of satisfaction in work that is well done.
    • Encouraging habits of clean and healthful living in order to maintain the body as the temple of God.
    • Emphasizing the importance of good citizenship and developing this attribute in students within a changing society.

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