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Parent Resources

Welcome to our Parent Resource webpage. SAS has a Home and School Association that works much like a PTA in other schools. The following information gives some insights into how the Home & School functions.

Sligo Adventist School Board elects the leader of the Home and School Association bi-annually from the Sligo Church membership represented on the School Board.

The Association exists to:

  1. Promote cooperation between parents and teachers in the educational process.
  2. Provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to develop a positive relationship in their work for the children.
  3. Support the school in its effort to more fully harmonize the principles of Christian education in philosophy, content, and methodology.
  4. Raise funds to support its activities and/or special projects of its own choosing that will benefit the school community.
  5. Strengthen the relationship between home and school by promoting such activities as:
  • Encouraging frequent communication between home and school.
  • Encouraging parents to visit the school.
  • Providing volunteer services as requested by the school.
  • Assisting in providing the school with additional equipment and facilities not provided by the church or conference.
  • Working toward enrolling every child at Sligo Church and its associate constituent church (es) in the school.

Notice of all meetings will be announced in the Update newsletter and by e-mail. Parents are encouraged to support and attend Home and School meetings.

Here are some of the ways we can create an unshakable support group:

  1. Attend Home and School Meetings: Bring a positive outlook and a willingness to work.
  2. Read your Friday Folders: Read all the materials. All parent communication comes home in the folders.
  3. Find time to Volunteer – We can have great school activities if you are willing to volunteer some time. Remember, a great school experience requires group support.
  4. Encourage Educators – Positive words can make the difference in anyone’s day.
  5. Support Activities – Attend field trips, games, awards ceremonies, school functions. Your child will appreciate your presence.
  6. Financially Give–Through the year parents are asked to give small amounts to cover concerts, gifts, parties, school events.
  7. Fundraisers – Participation is extremely important. Fundraisers are our only way to raise funds to provide items not within the school’s budget. Participation also signals to your student that they care about their environment.

As we close out this summer, please remember to find time to help raise money for our playground. We hope that we will have an exciting place for our children to actively learn and play as soon as possible.

Heather Lunsford
Home and School Chair

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